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Thank you for considering a Joe’s Farm Fresh Turkey for your Thanksgiving table in 2020.

Joe’s Farm Fresh Turkey’s are exceptional in many ways and deliver a premium eating experience for you and your family.

We have worked with our own farmers the Kuck Family in St. Mary’s, OH for 10 plus years to grow birds specifically to Joe’s high standards.

Joe’s Butcher Shop Standards:

  • Humanely Raised to Global Animal Welfare Standards 5
  • Pastured, and supplemented with only Non-GMO grains
  • Raised with no hormones or antibiotic used
  • Processed just days before Thanksgiving
  • Truly fresh (the USDA allows groceries to call turkey’s fresh when held at 25 degrees!) never frozen

Joe’s Farm Fresh Turkey is guaranteed to be juicier and cook faster than any bird on the market or your money back, guaranteed 100%!


Because of COVID we cannot do turkey purchasing or pick ups as we have in the past. This year we are enacting the following changes:

  • We do NOT guarantee a specific weight turkey. You are purchasing at the AVG weight in the listed range, your turkey will be somewhere in the listed range.
  • We are not providing custom cutting services for your turkey THIS YEAR ONLY, so no spatchcocking or removal of parts. These provisions are needed as we deal with proximity issues due to COVID.
  • All Joe’s Farm Fresh Turkey’s will be reserved and paid for in advance
  • Keep your email receipt for pickup!
  • Pick-up days and times are reserved in our ordering system to keep social distancing guidelines
  • Pick-up is at Joe’s Butcher Shop, if the weather cooperates, we will set up a tent in the back of Joe’s for an additional pick-up spot as well as in-store.
  • When picking up your Joe’s Farm Fresh Turkey we ask you to plan other purchases in advance so that you do not have to wait in the store for other items on your pick-up day!
  • We do not have the capability to change your Turkey size after you order, but you may cancel and re-order your new size.
  • Cancelations will not be accepted after Nov 17th. There are no refunds on or after Nov. 18th.
  • Cancelations or changes should be sent to or by calling 317-846-8877 (no not leave a voice mail for cancellation please) prior to Nov. 18th.
  • We are not offering turkey parts this year. COVID working conditions will not allow for the proximity of workers required to process parts.
  • We are not reserving Wines, Brining kits and bags instead they will be available throughout November in the store.
  • We are taking reservation for Beef Tenderloins, Roasts, etc. as normal by calling us 317-846-8877, or emailing These items keep well when vacuum sealed (1 week or more) so we ask you pick up the weekend before Thanksgiving.