Frequent Shopper Rewards

Joe’s Loyalty Points

$6 off on every $300 worth of regular priced items you buy at Joe’s

On your first shopping visit, you will be asked by a Joe’s associate to give us your first and last name, and if your last name match’s someone else in our database, your phone number.   Joe’s then rewards 1 point for every $1.00 worth of regular priced items. On subsequent visits to Joe’s, just remind us of your last name when you check out and we’ll make sure you get your points added to your account. When you reach 200 points a $6 credit appears on your cash register receipt automatically.   No fancy cards, sign-ins, passwords, or finger swipes, just a fast and friendly, easy exchange and you save 2% on all our regular priced items every day!

Joe’s Weekly Email Specials

Savings on specific items every week, Friday through the next Thursday

Every week we publish via email, Twitter, Facebook, and our Website our weekly deals and savings. The weekly email also gives you news on store events and the goings-on of the Art & Design District in Carmel. Our email is a great way to save and plan your shopping at Joe’s accordingly! To make things easy, we also publish our sale list in-store on our giant chalkboard.

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