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Joe's 15th Anniversary Sale!

Weekly Specials: January 15th, 2021 through January 28th, 2021

A two week sale with the best prices of the year!

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Weekly Specials


Reserve Whole Beef Tenderloin – $14.99lb                                      

Angus Whole Beef Tenderloin – $11.99lb      

Atlas Supermarket Whole Beef Tenderloin – $8.99lb

Reserve Whole New York Strip Loin – $9.99lb – wow!

Reserve Whole Boneless Rib Loin – $12.99lb

Reserve Whole Bone-in Rib Loin – $11.99lb

Reserve Whole Short Loin – $8.99lb

Reserve New York Strip Steaks – $13.99lb

Reserve Boneless Rib-eye Steaks – $15.99lb

Reserve Bone-in Rib-eye Steaks – $14.99lb

Reserve Porterhouse Steak – $13.99lb – limited to supply on hand

Reserve T-bone Steak – $11.99lb

Reserve Flat Iron Steak – $12.99lb

Reserve Sirloin Steak – $7.99lb – wow!


Joe’s Amish Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast – $5.49lb

Joe’s Amish Sliced or Diced Bnls Chicken Breast – $5.49lb

Joe’s Amish Chicken Cutlets – $5.49lb

Joe’s Fresh Ground Amish Chicken Breast – $5.49lb            

Joe’s Amish Whole Chicken/Fryer – $2.49lb


Boar’s Head Oven-gold Turkey – $7.29lb

Boar’s Head Ever-Roast Chicken – $7.29lb

Boar’s Head Rare Roast Beef – $9.99lb

Boar’s Head Natural Swiss Cheese – $6.99lb

Boar’s Head Sharp Provolone Cheese – $6.29lb

Boar’s Head Colby Cheese – $5.99lb

Boar’s Head American (yellow or white) Cheese – $4.99lb


Pork (IN raised, always hormone and antibiotic free!)

100% born, raised, and processed in IN, Duroc breed, with no use of antibiotics or growth hormones

Reserve Boneless Center-cut Pork Chops – $4.99lb

Reserve Boneless Butterflied Pork Chops – $4.99lb

Reserve Boneless Country Ribs – $4.99lb

Reserve Boneless Pork Loin Roast (rolled and tied) – $4.99lb

Reserve Pork Loin Chops – $4.49lb

Reserve Pork Rib Chops – $4.49lb

Reserve Jumbo Chops – $4.49lb

Reserve Pork Shoulder – $3.99lb

Reserve Pork Tenderloin – $4.99lb

Joe’s Local Hardwood Smoked Bacon – $4.99lb

Joe’s Local Smoked Loin Chops – $4.99lb

Reserve Baby Back Ribs – $5.49lb

Reserve Whole Bone-in Pork Loin (22lb avg) – $3.49lb

Reserve Whole Boneless Pork Loin (9lb avg) – $3.99lb


Joe’s Reserve King Salmon – $14.99lb          

Tilapia – Sustainably Raised – $7.99lb

Scallops Under 10 per lb – Dry, fresh – $27.99lb


Joe's Next Door

Salmon Patties – hand made at Joe’s from our secret recipe! – $3.99 each

Joe’s Famous Deli Chicken Salad – $6.99lb

Evan’s IPA Braised Beef Sandwich – $8.99 each – whoa and wow!

Joe’s Homemade Potato Salad – $4.99lb

Joe’s Homemade Broccoli Salad – $4.99lb

Dessert – Chocolate Chip Moon Pie Cookie – $2.00 each, made from scratch! 

Wine Specials

Ghostrunner Red Blend 2019

St. Helena, California

This Week Only – $17.99
Regular Price – $19.99

Mix and match 6 bottles for 5% off.
Mix and match 12 bottles for 10% off!

Ghostrunner started as a way to bring to the market a great tasting red blend that you’ll enjoy drinking anytime. Ghostrunner grapes are sourced through central valley vineyards that produce rich and elegant wines. This handcrafted wine shows complex fruit and has a gentle, well balanced finish. It can be enjoyed on its own or with a variety of foods. At Ghostrunner, they only make a red blend so their focus 100% of their time, resources, and passion around just this one wine.

The 2019 Ghostrunner red blend includes Zinfandel and Petite Sirah. It shows a dark ruby color with an aroma that is rich in mixed berries and black cherry preserves. Hints of spice including black pepper and bacon carry through on the palate. This decadent red blend finishes with soft tannins, dark fruit, and elaborate oak.  This wine pairs well with beef stew, short ribs, duck and meatloaf.


Chateau L’Ermitage Auzan White Blend 2018

Saint – Gilles, France

This Week Only – $15.99

Regular Price – $17.99

Mix & match 6 bottles for 5% off.
Mix & match 12 bottles for 10% off!

The vineyard of Château L’Ermitage is located on deep soils of sandstone of the Rhone.  It has a southern exposure, overlooking the Camargue. In summer it enjoys a marine micro- climate, this sea breeze helps preserve the freshness of wine and increase the aromatic palette of grape varieties.  Traces of the Vineyard dates back in the 12th century.   L’Ermitage of Costières produced wine for the pilgrims of Saint Jacques de Compostela. The first cellar of Château l’Ermitage was built early 1800.

This white blend has notes of fresh white fruits, and white flowers’ pollen.  The Grenache provides the richness and the Roussanne the balancing acidity.

This wine pairs well with asparagus, fish, white meat, veal chops, seafood, risotto, and salads.