Joe's Steak Gift Boxes

Joe’s Steak Boxes are the perfect gift or reward for a job well done. They are also a great way to keep Joe’s Steaks on hand in the freezer for yourself!

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Steak Boxes will be ready for pick up or delivery 48 hours from the time you place your order. This allows Joe’s butchers to custom cut your order and place it in our -20 degree freezer for at least 24 full hours.

If your steak box selection is a gift, we offer Delivery to the following Counties / areas: Hamilton County (full), Boone County (as far west and north as Lebanon), Marion County(full), Hendricks (as far west as Danville), Johnson County (as far south as Greenwood area), Hancock County (as far west as New Palestine).

Delivery is $15 per box and includes a call to the recipient 1 hour prior to delivery. If the recipient cannot take delivery in the next hour Joe’s will offer to hold the steak box for pick up at a future time. If recipients are not home the steak box will be left on recipients’ front doorstep and a final call will be made to the recipient informing them of such. Joe’s is not responsible for damages or losses occurring after the point of delivery. The delivery fee is not refundable.

Steak Box #1

Thank You

This is our basic steak box. This is sure to please and offers three solid meals for two. Tender Filet Mignon, rich Boneless Ribeye, and beefy NY Strip steaks.

2 – Reserve Ribeye 12oz

2 – Reserve New York Strip 12oz

2 – Filet Mignon 6oz


Steak Box #2

Double Thank You

Double the amount of steaks in our basic Thank You box. 12 steaks can offer 6 incredible meals for two or can feed a large group. When you want to impress, this steak box fits the bill.

4 – Reserve Ribeye 12oz

4 – Reserve New York Strip 12oz

4 – Filet Mignon 6oz


Steak Box #3

Big Thank You

The same steaks as our Thank You box, but each steak is larger. 16oz strips and ribeyes instead of 12oz, and 8oz Filet Mignons instead of 6oz.

2 – Reserve Ribeye 16oz

2 – Reserve New York Strip 16oz

2 – Filet Mignon 8oz


Steak Box #4

Family Box

8 steaks that include bone-in varieties. This box has Bone-in Ribeyes along with T-Bone steaks to mix things up. When added to NY Strips and Boneless Ribeyes this variety package is sure to please.

2 – Bone-in Ribeye 1lb

2 – T-Bone 1lb

2 – Reserve Ribeye 12oz

2 – Reserve New York Strip 12oz


Steak Box #5

Ribeye Six Pack

Just the Boneless Ribeyes please! For real steak lovers the Ribeye is where it’s at. Rich, tender and full of fatty flavor each steak is 1lb each. This is the perfect box to impress a steak aficionado.

6 – Reserve Ribeye 16oz


Steak Box #6

New York Strip Six Pack

Many consider the NY Strip steak to have the beefiest flavor of any steak. While not quite as tender as a Ribeye, these 1lb each NY Strips make up for it in bold beef flavor.

6 – Reserve New York Strip 16oz


Steak Box #7

Filet Six Pack

Our Filet Mignons break the stereotype of the tender but not quite as rich cut of beef. Our Filets are as fatty as possible with deep marbling for excellent flavor. Each of these 8oz beauties are sure to impress!

6 – Filet Mignon 8oz


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***Please order 48hrs prior to pick up or delivery, all items frozen in our -20-degree freezer, all items vacuum sealed as a standard, pictures are an accurate representation of all Steak Gift Boxes.

Joe’s Steak Gift Boxes are the ultimate food gift. They are perfect for thanking a friend or someone who has done something kind for you. At the corporate level Joe’s Steak Gift Boxes are appreciated by everyone and are a universally liked gift that shows you appreciate your customers business.

Joe’s Steak Gift Boxes contain beef that grades between the upper 1/6th of USDA Choice to the bottom of 1/3 rd USDA Prime. The meat is raised sustainably without the use of hormones or antibiotics and is guaranteed for tenderness and rich flavor. We have a 100% money back guarantee if you or your recipient are not satisfied with our product.

Joe’s is not responsible for stolen deliveries or deliveries neglected by the recipient.