What’s-For-Dinner Freezer Packs

Want to spend less time shopping and more time cooking?
Pick up a week’s worth of meals in one stop with Joe’s Butcher Shop’s new Freezer Packs!
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Freezer Pack #1

Family Staples

Joe's Premium Grind
5lbs wrapped in 1lb packages

Joe's Premium Patties
6 Joe's Premium Grind Hamburger Patties,
1/3lb each wrapped  2 per package

Joe's Amish Boneless Chicken Breasts
6 pieces, wrapped 2 per package

Joe's Amish Chicken Cutlets
4 pieces, wrapped 2 per package

$90.99 (You save: $16.00)

Freezer Pack #2

5 Nights- Dinner for Two

Joe's Wild Caught Salmon Filets
Norwegian or New Zealand Salmon,
2 pieces, approx 8oz each 

Joe's Flat Iron Steak
2 pieces, approx 8oz each

Joe's Marinated Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
2 pieces, approx 8oz each

Joe's Gourmet Frozen Lasagna
(small), 2-4 servings

Joe's Garlic Parm Boneless Super Chops
2 pieces, approx 10oz each

$69.99 (You save: $11.00)

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***Please order 48hrs prior to pick up, all items frozen in our -20-degree freezer, all items freezer wrapped, dated, and labeled standard, there is a $5 per Single Freezer Bundle charge for vacuum sealing (cryo-vac).

Loaded cuts of hormone and antibiotic-free steak, chicken, pork and more, these frozen packs of Joe’s finest meats present an exciting and delicious dinner option for every day of the week. There’s something for everyone! Pick and choose what you want, when you want it and keep the rest frozen for when you do. These freezer packs are perfect for all of you plan-ahead meal “preppers” out there!

Joe’s Freezer Packs aren’t just convenient, they are also a smart-shopper must! By buying these bulk packs, you’ll get a great discount compared to buying each cut separately. That’s more money in your pocket that can spend on the rest of the meal! These freezer packs are perfect year-round! Whether its grilling season or you are snowed in, with a Joe’s Freezer Pack at the ready you can cook up tasty recipes anytime.