Industry News – want to know the latest industry news on beef?  Drover’s is it! – Cattlemen’s Beef Board website provides industry news, drill down for savvy consumer information! – The Indiana Beef Council, a great place to keep up with happenings in Indiana, plus some great recipes and consumer info. – Want to see what wholesalers pay for primal cuts and sub-primal cuts of beef?   Go to this link and click on the .pdf chart.  While it’s difficult to project consumer pricing from this chart as it does not take into account trimming and cutting yields, or the buying of better grades of Choice beef (hormone free, antibiotic free, etc.),  it does give you a great indication of where beef prices in general are today versus last week and last year by wholesale sub-primal. – want to know about the fishing industry?  This is the place! – keeps Joe’s ahead of the trend by informing us about sustainability efforts, other retail efforts and industry news. – The Marine Stewardship Council, certifies Joe’s fish to be properly caught from only sustainable fisheries. Ask to see our certificate! – The Monterey Bay Aquarium is at the forefront of ocean conservation. Their Seafood Watch Guide gives you a basis from which to make smart fish purchasing choices! – National Pork Producers Council, keep up to date on information producers need to do their job – sorry Indiana, Iowa and Iowa State are the leaders on pork, and their Pork Gateway shows market trends, news and information – a simple website the gives you the daily per bushel price of corn and a historical chart as well, corn fuels the hog, poultry, and beef industry so higher corn prices now means higher protein prices down the road – business journal for meat and poultry producers gives you insight into both!