Weekly Specials

Feb 24th-March 2nd


 All hormone and antibiotic free, raised to strict animal welfare and ecological standards!

Joe’s Reserve Bone-in Ribeye Steaks (Delmonico) – $13.99lb Save $2lb
Joe’s Reserve Prime Rib Roasts – $13.99lb 8lb or less/more than 8lb just $10.99lb! – Coupon of the week
Joe’s Reserve Chuck Roast – $5.49lb
Joe’s Dry Aged Steak Grind – $5.29lb
Joes Dry Aged Steak Patties – $5.29lb
Fresh Bone-in Leg of Lamb – $9.99lb, we were able to obtain a select group of 6 fresh lamb legs from Thomas Keller’s Elysian Field lamb farm, yes….that Thomas Keller as in The French Laundry, while it won’t replace our local Viking Lamb offering we wanted to offer you a chance to try it at a great price.
Durham Ranch Ground Wagyu Beef – $9.99lb


Joe’s Reserve Bone-in Pork Loin Chops (Pork Porterhouse) – $5.49lb

Joe’s Reserve Rib Chops (Pork T-Bone) – $4.99lb

Joe’s Reserve Jumbo Chops (Pork Bone-in Ribeye) – $4.79lb

Joe’s Reserve Boneless Pork Cutlets – $5.99lb

Joe’s Heat and Eat Breakfast Sausage Links – $3.99lb, as featured at Carmel Lions Club Pancake Breakfasts!


Joe’s Amish Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts – $5.39lb

Joe’s Amish Boneless Chicken Cutlets (butterflied) – $5.59lb

Joe’s Amish Sliced or Diced Bnls Chicken Breast – $5.59lb


Annual Fresh Hawaiian Fish Days – Starting March 2nd and through the month of March watch for our weekly Fresh Hawaiian Fish flown in directly from the Islands. We expect to see a steady stream of fairly affordable fresh fish this year including Spearfish (Kajiki), White Tuna (Walu/Escolar), Yellow Fin Tuna, and hopefully some Opah, Nairgi and more. We never know what we’ll have until the day before it arrives so watch our Facebook and Twitter posts for details!


Boar’s Head Hard Salami – $7.99lb

Boar’s Head Blackened Turkey Breast – $7.99lb

Boar’s Head Longhorn Colby Cheese – $5.99lb

Joe's Next Door

Joe’s Meatball Sub/Sandwich – $7.99 each , Save $1 a sandwich

Joe’s Next Door Homemade Egg Salad – $5.49lb, go ahead, tell your friends you made it, we won’t tell!

Joe’s Next Door Italian Pasta Salad – $5.49lb

Joe’s Next Door Lemon Pepper Cole Slaw – $5.49lb