Weekly Specials

March 24th-30th

Hawaiian Fish Weeks still rolling along! – 7 super fish this week!


All hormone and antibiotic free, raised to strict animal welfare and ecological standards!

Joe’s Dry Aged Boneless Rib-eye Steaks – $17.99lb

Joe’s Dry Aged New York Strip Steaks – $18.99lb

Joe’s Reserve Bone-in Short Ribs – $7.99lb

Joe’s Reserve Bone-in NY Strip Steaks (Kansas City Strips) – $14.99lb   coupon deal of the week!

Durham Ranch Ground Kangaroo – $10.99lb


Joe’s LOCAL – Hardwood Smoked Bacon, Ossian, IN – $5.49lb

Joe’s Reserve Pork Cutlets – $5.99lb

Joe’s Bulk/ Linked Sausage (Swt Italian, Hot Italian, Breakfast, Cajun, Chorizo, Regular Bratwurst) – $4.99lb


Joe’s Amish Bone-in Chicken Breast – $3.49lb

Joe’s Amish Bone-in Whole or Half Turkey Breasts – $6.49lb

Joe’s Fresh Cut Amish Turkey Cutlets – $7.99lb


Boar’s Head Maple Glazed Honey Ham – $7.99lb

Boar’s Head Natural Swiss – $6.99lb

Volpi Bresaola – $16.99lb – dried filet of beef – wonderful!! $ave 8lb – try me special

Joe's Next Door

Joe’s Amarillo Flank Steak Sandwich – $9.99 ea – winner winner flank steak dinner!

Joe’s Next Door Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts – $8.99lb

Joe’s Next Door Nearly Famous Chicken Salad – $5.99lb

Have you seen Joe’s Wines of the Week?


Annual Fresh Hawaiian Fish Days – arrives fresh March 23rd in the late afternoon

MEKAJIKI/SHUTOME/SWORDFISH — $24.99lb – exceptional quality, sashimi grade swordfish, brighter and pinker than our standard offering

PALANI-LIMU — $19.99lb – Eye stripped Surgeon Fish, a strict plant eater this fish is rich with a nice oil content, bake with just a bit of butter and lemon!

SUZUKI SEABASS— $28.99lb – the Pacific cousin to Wild Stripped Bass, its white flesh is perfect for grilling with minimum seasonings!

ALBACORE TUNA – SASHIMI GRADE – $20.99lb – a far cry from the canned Albacore that Charlie brings you, this tuna is nearly as red as Yellow Fin Tuna, being sashimi grade you can prep this any way you like, grilled, baked, quickly pan seared a lighter version of our classic Yellow Fin. 

BIG-EYE TUNA – SASHIMI GRADE – $31.99lb – the cousin to the Yellow Fin that is the standard stock in our case, sashimi grade means you can prep is raw with no issues, it will perform wonderfully lightly seared and simply seasoned.

MAHI-MAHI – $23.99lb – the Dolphin Fish (not mammal), so versatile, fantastic on the plate, as a sandwich, or in a taco it’s the ultimate Hawaiian Fish!

ONO — $19.99lb – quite literally “good fish” in Hawaiian, this rich cousin of the mackerel is great baked or sautéed. Mild-sweet tasting flesh with a firm texture, moderate fat, and large, circular flakes when cooked. Their flesh is a beautiful white color and remains white when cooked.