Weekly Specials

July 13th-20th



All hormone and antibiotic free, raised to strict animal welfare and ecological standards!

Joe’s Dry Aged IN Raised- Boneless Ribeye Steak – $19.99lb

Joe’s Reserve Flank Steak – $12.49lb

Joe’s Reserve Delmonico Bone-in Ribeye – $14.99lb

Joe’s Reserve NY Strip Steak – $18.99lb


Raised by individual Amish farmers in NE Indiana on their family farms with Non-GMO feed without antibiotics!

Joe’s Amish IN Raised – Bone-in Chicken Breast – $3.39lb

Joe’s Amish IN Raised – Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast – $5.99lb


Boar’s Head – all natural Swiss Cheese – $6.99lb

Boar’s Head – Rare Roast Beef – $9.99lb

Boar’s Head – Low Sodium Turkey – $8.49lb



100% born, raised, and processed in INDIANA! with no use of antibiotics or growth hormones

Joe’s Reserve Jumbo Chops – $4.49lb

Joe’s Reserve Pork Tenderloin – $4.99lb

Joe’s Reserve Pork Cutlets – $4.99lb


Joe's Next Door

Joe’s Next Door “Rich Boy” Scallop Po’Boy Sandwich – $10.99 each – a bargain, try one and believe!

Sandwich declared “Best Thing I Ate in 2017” by IndyStar food writer  

All our Sides are made in-house from scratch from our own recipes!

Joe’s Next Door Lemon Pepper Cole Slaw – $5.99lb                 

Joe’s Next Door Roasted Cauliflower- $6.99lb  

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