Weekly Specials

April 27th–May 3rd

Five days of sunshine ahead! Got to grill!


All hormone and antibiotic free, raised to strict animal welfare and ecological standards!

Joe’s Reserve Tri-tip Steaks or Roasts – $7.99lb

Joe’s Reserve New York Strip Steaks – $16.99lb

Joe’s Reserve Rump Roasts – $4.99lb

Joe’s Reserve Lean Stew Meat – $5.49lb

Poultry (Until we sell out, supplies limited)

INDIANA born and sustainably raised with no hormones, no antibiotics, and using non-GMO grains!

Joe’s Amish Raised Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs – $4.29lb

Joe’s Seasoned Bacon Wrapped Chicken Filets – all varieties – $4.49 each


Boar’s Head Blazing Buffalo Chicken – $7.99lb

Boar’s Head Pepper Jack Cheese – $7.99lb


100% born, raised, and processed in INDIANA! with no use of antibiotics or growth hormones

Joe’s Reserve Pork Shoulder/Butt – great for smoking or grilling – $4.49lb

Joe’s Reserve Pork Tenderloin – marinate and grill to just pink for an awesome dinner! – $4.99lb

Joe’s State Fair Pork Patties – mildly seasoned pork burger – $4.99lb


Fresh U-10 Diver Scallops, dry! – $27.99lb

Fresh Florida Gulf Red Grouper – $29.99lb

Joe's Next Door

Basque Salad – Freshly shredded California romaine lettuce, topped with sliced Basque Marinated Flank Steak, roasted red pepper, house pickled red onion, imported Marcona Almonds, and shaved Manchego Cheese, topped with our house made Poblano Cream dressing. – $8.99 each

Joe’s Next Door Cole Slaw –  $5.99lb


Have you seen Joe’s Wines of the Week?

From Jed Steele (one of the founders of Kendall Jackson but on his own since 1991 who harvest’s grapes from the finest vineyards in CA) we feature:

Steele Chardonnay Cuvée 2015:  This Week Only – $18.99; Regular Price – $20.99

Steele Chardonnay Cuvée 2015 boasts tropical flavors and aromas of mango, pineapple, and papaya, as well as aromas of apple crisp and cinnamon.

Steele Pinot Noir Carneros 2013: This Week Only – $23.99: Regular Price – $25.99

The 2013 vintage of Steele Pinot Noir Carneros features a medium color and the pronounced aroma of Bing cherries and raspberries, combined with a silky-smooth structure, slight earthiness, and mild tannin to create perfect balance and a delicious, lingering finish. Pairs well with wild mushroom risotto or a cheese plate of creamy bleu, even a steak is not out of the question!