Have you ordered your turkey yet? Joe’s farm-fresh, non-GMO and animal welfare certified turkeys are available to order. We have taken every step possible to make sure our turkeys are humanely raised. It has been a long road and we take pride in each and every achievement along the way that has made ours the best you can buy.

To get good out, we have to put good in. We only feed our turkeys non-GMO feed, never chemicals or altering substances. While it is worth it to raise our turkeys in a way we can stand behind at Joe’s, it is more expensive than the average frozen or fresh turkey you might find in grocery store or market.

This year was especially hard for turkeys. The Midwest was hit by the Avian Flu this year, which took a hard toll on the turkey industry. In order to keep our birds healthy, extra measures were necessary to ensure the best bird on your dinner table. Grocery brands like Hormel and Jeanie-o are reporting low turkey supplies and a more expensive turkey due to increased costs to keep turkeys and poultry healthy through the year. While our turkey is a bit higher priced, that price comes the promise and commitment that our birds are healthy, and pasture raised without the use of antibiotics.  We also took the extra step this year to certify our sustainable humane farming process with a nationally recognized animal welfare organization.

The Global Animal Partnership is an organization dedicated to the overall welfare of animals. This partnership is a rigorous 5-step program that looks at every detail of an animals’ life and demands that specific measures be taken to sustain a healthy and happy life, everything from the feed they eat to the amount of dirt under their nails.

The five steps listed below each contain many meticulous standards within that step concerning the overall topic. Reaching each step is a long and difficult task. We are proud to announce that Joe’s is currently at step 4, closing in on step 5!

  • Step 1 – No Cages, No crates, No crowding
  • Step 2 – Enriched environment
  • Step 3 – Enhanced Outdoor access
  • Step 4 – Pasture centered
  • Step 5 – Animal centered, Physical alterations prohibited
  • Step 5+ – Animals live entire life on integrated

Learn more about the animal welfare program and the five-step process on their website. This year when you order your turkey, order it knowing that yours is pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free. We put a lot of time and love into raising our turkeys’ right and we are proud to be allied with the Global Animal Partnership organization.