Billy is best known by customers for his striking white beard and wonderfully recognizable New York accent. But, we know him by his top-notch, “cut no corners” attitude he has when it comes to preparing food and we want you to know him this way too. We want to share some insight into his excellent cooking skills with you and allow you to get to know him a little better.

Billy came to Zionsville as a trailing spouse in early 2021. He is a fantastic dad of two children, one boy and one girl, and greatly enjoys attending their school activities and sporting events. Billy says that “working at Joe's allows me to be with my kids and family after work. It's been a solid lifestyle choice for us to work for a company that values a work/life balance.” He works extremely hard during his hours in the shop so that he can have the flexibility of being home every night to spend time with his family and share his culinary skills with them as well as relax. Another perk of working at Joe’s is that he is free on the weekends to get to cheer on his kids at their school events and sports games. Trust us, this is rarity in this business, and he earns every bit of it through his exemplary work at Joe’s.

Billy has quickly become one of our most popular chefs at Joe’s Butcher Shop. He has an outstanding and hilarious sense of humor that he has shared with the staff and customers. Not to mention, he has fantastic taste in music as well. Billy hand picks songs for every workday to keep his coworkers movin’ and groovin’ throughout the day.

We like to brag about Billy’s culinary skills, and it may seem extreme, but he has the talents to back it up. Billy attended culinary school at the famous Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Aside from the skills he gained through culinary school, he has extensive experience in all the different facets of cooking. He has worked in the food business for over 27 years now. During his career, he has worked as a Saucier Chef and has experience working and cooking with pastries. He even owned his own restaurant (that’s no easy feat). His most recent endeavor gave him experience working with local products and meats at the highly rated Café Mio in Gardiner, New York. Now do you see why we like to brag?

While Billy is just getting started at Joe’s, we are confident that you will see his creativity and culinary skills shine through in what we do and offer at our shop. We are extremely lucky to have Billy on our team. He has a lot of talent that we want to show off, so we give him the creative freedom he needs to cook delicious foods and add to the Joe’s menu you all know and love. We trust Billy and know he will use his experience and mastery to help Joe’s thrive. Along with this, we are excited for our customers to get to know him like we do and fall in love with his culinary skills. So, the next time you are ordering a sandwich, catering services or getting fresh sides to go with your meal, come say hello to Billy! We promise he will respond back with unbridled New York enthusiasm!