What are Cabinet Dry Aged Steaks?

Joe’s Cabinet Dry Aged Steaks are Dry Aged by the Sub Primal (whole loin) in our special imported Dry Ager cabinets from Germany. The cabinets are highly engineered pieces of equipment that control the temperature, humidity, and sterile environment needed to properly dry age meats.  We age the meat in our cabinets anywhere from 21 to 45 days. This is process is identical to aging done in fine steakhouses all over the United States, albeit with a much more scientific approach.  All Joe’s Cabinet Dry Aged Steaks are USDA Prime.


How is this different from Joe’s Dry Age that has been sold at Joe’s for years?

Joe’s Dry Age Steaks and grinds are an Indiana product raised without hormones and antibiotics.  The meat is hung whole carcass in a special refrigerated room for 21 days. Because the aging affects the whole carcass, the aging process does not affect the meat in the same way Sub Primal Dry Aging does.


What can I expect from Cabinet Dry Aged Steaks in terms of a flavor profile?

Cabinet Dry Aged Steaks will have a richer, nuttier flavor and more tender buttery texture.  The enzymes in the meat break down the collagen in the steak resulting in a more tender and flavorful cut. Cabinet Dry Aged Steaks lose anywhere from 15 to 20% of their water during the process resulting in a more concentrated beef flavor.  The longer we age, the more helpful bacteria and molds grow on the meat like a fine cheese. These are cut away to reveal what is simply the finest steak you can buy.


How can I buy Cabinet Dry Aged Steaks?

As they become available, we will sell them via our meat case by the pound.  If you are interested, we would be happy to age a whole loin just for you!  We would charge you a flat fee per pound on the original weight of the meat, then cut and cryo-vac all steaks to your specifications for that all included price.