Joe's Farm Fresh Turkey

More than Just a Turkey.

  • This holiday season, let Joe's Butcher Shop provide your family with a turkey that not only tastes amazing, but also reflects the values of ethical sourcing, local farming and animal husbandry. Join us in celebrating with a feast that truly embodies the spirit of gratitude and togetherness. Happy Thanksgiving!

farming local

Joe's takes pride in the relationship we have with farmers Ted and Karl Kuck. For 15 years, the Kucks have sustainably raised Joe's Farm Fresh Turkey specifically for Joe on over 200 acres of picturesque farmland in St. Marys, OH . Our personal connection ensures us that Joe's turkeys are raised to the highest standards, meeting or exceeding Global Animal Welfare Standards Level 4. Healthy turkey's make for a better Thanksgiving and ensure we have pastures to raise them in for years to come.

animal husbandry

Joe's Farm Fresh Turkey are raised with Non-GMO grain and are never given hormones or fed antibiotics. They are also processed in a way that both minimally stresses the bird and chills the bird extremely quickly. This processing is unique and expensive, but sustainable practices ensure not just the health and well-being of our turkeys, but also provides our customers with an all-natural product that is flavorful and cooks in 1/2 to 3/4 of the time of a “fresh turkey” purchased elsewhere.

ethically raised

  By choosing a Joe's Farm Fresh Turkey, customers are supporting local farmers like Ted and Karl who promote a sustainable and resilient food system. It's more than just a turkey, Over 94% of the people who buy a Joe's Farm Fresh Turkey buy again the next year.  That's a vote that unites us in a common cause of great taste and sustainable and resilient food systems.

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Many customers ask how to best roast Joe’s Farm Fresh Turkey. The short answer is that there are many ways to cook your bird (deep fry, bag, brine, oven, grill, Green Egg…) and we don’t want you to abandon your favorite. Here is what we consider to be the perfect way to cook Joe’s Farm Fresh Turkey. It’s been used and proven successful by our customers for many years.