How to Order Seafood From Joe's

For any and all inquires regarding general fish ordering guidelines, please reach out to us via call at 317-846-8877 or email us at

Seafood Ordering Guidelines

Our seafood is guaranteed to be fresh or will give 100% of your money back. Most of Joe’s fresh fish is cut from whole fish and arrives in our case less than 24 hours after cutting. Seafood sold from our case is dated and monitored for freshness. If you place a next day order, we will make every attempt to cut your order fresh the day you receive it versus the day before unless supply dictates it.

Joe’s will cut your Salmon and other fish fillets to order from the case. Please understand that we won’t always be able to give a center cut piece (you may get the head or tail of the filet) but we will do our best to arrive at the size or weight you desire. We ask for your understanding in this matter. Our ability to sell the entire fillet keeps your prices lower as we strive to keep waste to a minimum.

We provide up to 3 courtesy vacuum bags to seal your fish for freezing. After 3 bags we charge a nominal per bag fee to recover our cost of the bag and labor. Joe’s vacuum bags are BPA and PFOE free.

We do our best to carry a standard set of species to ensure a regular shopping experience (listed with blue pricing on our Next Day Seafood List). However, due to weather or delivery issues we may either not have a standard species or be in short supply. We also do our best to carry at least one or two varieties a week as specials that may or may not be listed on our online list. You may reserve, and have ready for pick up at Joe’s, seafood to purchase the same day by calling 317-846-8877 and giving us at least 1 hours’ notice of your arrival. We do our best but cannot guarantee a reply to emails or voicemails for same day orders.

Call us at 317-846-8877 or email us at to inquire about placing a next or future day order or obtaining information about the availability of a specific fish or shellfish. Understand that we may need to check with a vendor to make sure we can fill your order as requested. Our pledge is that any phone or email inquiry we receive before 3pm will be resolved with you by 6pm on the same day, telling you what we can provide, at what price, and confirm the day of availability. This same pledge applies if you make in-store inquiries as well.

Live lobsters are delivered to us on the day you pick them up. Rarely a delivery or weather issue results in them not arriving, in which case you will be offered the opportunity to purchase lobster tails at our cost. Live Lobsters are purged for 2-3 days before being brought to us and will be alive on the day you pick them up. They will not remain alive more than 12 hours after you receive them from us. We recommend you cook them the day you pick them up. We do not recommend but you may cook a “still” lobster if the lobster has been moving (tickle under the tail to tell) in the previous 12 hours and it’s been constantly refrigerated below 40 degrees. Live Lobsters cannot be resold easily, and we will ask to hold a credit card number at the time of ordering to charge for the lobster if it’s not picked up.

Whole fish will arrive “fully dressed” as a standard for your order, that means scaled, cleaned, but with the head on. If you do not want the whole fish fully dressed, please let us know before placing your order.

Items that we bring in specifically for you may require that we gather your credit card number in advance as we might not be able to sell the item easily.

Occasionally (especially large or small shrimp) items are only available to us in specific quantities (ex: 5lb frozen block), we may ask you to purchase that quantity for us to acquire it for you.

Using Joe’s Next Day Seafood List And Pricing

We do our best to keep prices current or near current, however seafood in general is a market cost to us and thus the price to the consumer fluctuates weekly/daily. The prices listed are our good faith effort to approximate your cost. By phone or via email, we will always verify your final price to you before placing your order.

Items with blue pricing listed in the Next Day Seafood List mean that we usually carry those items full time in our store for daily shopping/same day pick up. However, weather and delivery issues can factor into what is available and if phoning or emailing us it’s always best to verify what is available in stock.

These items are generally available to us on a next day basis, we have chosen not to carry them in our case because of space constraints, or the risk of carrying them and potentially having them perish is too great. We list these as a convenience to you when planning, but it’s always best to call or email the store to make sure. We cannot guarantee these items for future or next day ordering, but the likelihood is very high it will be available.

These items require a call to our store for us to either communicate to you what is available and fresh (think different kinds of oysters that might vary by season), or if it is available at all for future or next day ordering.

Our ability to get various types of seafood goes well beyond our list (think caviar, Uni roe, or sushi specific products and more), so always call us or ask, we may not be able to get you an answer in minutes but if you make the inquiry by 3pm we will get back to you that day with choices, alternatives or what we can do to fill your requirements.

We will take only future day or next day orders from our Next Day Seafood List via the process outlined above in our General Fish Ordering Guidelines.

Are available on our Next Day Seafood List by clicking on the item name and being directed to our good friends at Fortune Fish for a complete description.

For any and all inquires regarding general fish ordering guidelines, please reach out to us via call at 317-846-8877 or email us at