It's with great pleasure that we present our new website.  A very busy summer put us behind in revamping our old site.  We've integrated our social media posts and a new blog into the site to keep you informed of what we are doing and where we are going. You can even look at archived emails from the last few weeks to see what you've been missing if your not a Joe's Weekly Email subscriber.

We'll continue to add to the site, add new recipes, and especially enhance our descriptions  of our product and service offerings.  We value your opinion, if you think we need to change the way something works or add new information let us and know we'll do our best to get it done.

Check out the great photo's taken by Zach Dobson a local Carmel photographer under our Resources tab.  They are pretty cool and show how our Reserve Beef can pass the close scrutiny of a unbiased camera lens.

Also, check our our Video's, we shot them last year in the middle of winter and we couldn't go outside to show you how to grill so we improvised.  They are a bit hokey but none the less informative!  Brian Wrasman did a really nice job for us.

Finally a big thanks to Will Hardison and staff at MediaPlug for creating the site and hanging with us through a long hot summer.