When we first opened our doors in 2006 we were told by our customers how important Thanksgiving Day was to them. Thanksgiving is a time that isn’t as commercialized as the December holidays and a great day to spend with friends and family.

In 2006 we purchased our turkeys from a farmer in Michigan. They were “fresh” by USDA standards. The USDA standard for fresh poultry is 26 degrees (hard as a rock) or above, and at that temperature your poultry could be 30 or more days old! Well, our customers liked them well enough. But they knew we could do better and wanted something more.

In 2007 we were introduced to farmer Ted Kuck. Kuck and his family have been raising and processing turkeys for nearly 60 years in Ohio since arriving from Ladbergen, Germany in the 1830’s. We sold his turkeys in the shop and customers noticed the difference.

In early 2008 we approached Kuck directly about obtaining turkeys from him. Sadly we were told the processing of poultry was more profitable and turkey farming was too time consuming. Things weren’t looking good so we did what any business would do, we begged! We brought up the idea of raising turkeys just for Joe’s. We wanted them to be humanely raised and processed, hormone and antibiotic free and as fresh as possible.  We felt that if we raised turkeys to these standards we could increase our business and afford to pay Kuck a premium. Lucky for us Kuck loved our idea and agreed to raise our turkeys. And thus began a unique partnership that is unequal to any in the Midwest.

Since 2009 we have worked with Kuck to make improvements to our standards and processes to guarantee that Joe’s Farm Fresh Turkey is the finest you can purchase. In 2011 Kuck suggested we seek USDA labeling standards for our unique quality of turkey. The labeling standards would be rigorous and difficult, and we would have to prove each and every one of our claims (free range, no antibiotics, humanely raised, etc), but we knew it had to be done.

In 2013 we improved the actual processing of our turkey, ensuring that the turkey you take home is just days from being processed and never taken below 31 degrees (our standard for honest fresh turkey). We even use refrigerated trucks in our parking lot to keep your turkey at a consistent 31 degrees. We also created a boneless, skin-on turkey breast that gives our customers the flexibility to feed small or large groups. This year we introduced non-GMO feed to our turkey’s supplemental diet. We are working to add the legal title of Non-GMO to our turkey in 2015.

So what does this all mean to you? Well, as we said in the title of our blog, it means everything! All the steps we have taken throughout the years to ensure our turkey is the best means when you buy a turkey from Joe’s you are getting a bird that is moist, juicy, delicious, and full of real turkey flavor, not injected salty water! It means your turkey cooks more quickly than other “fresh” birds on the market (here's how to roast the perfect turkey). We control the entire process. From the day our young turkeys enter the field, to the moment your turkey is processed, packaged and delivered to you, we guarantee a higher level of quality and freshness than other companies. Our turkey is the finest you can buy.

We also ask you compare our turkey to super premium heritage turkeys available. You will find that other companies do not control the entire process of bringing the turkey to you, but few are willing to go to through the time, effort and expense to legally back up their claims by obtaining a USDA label. At $4.19/lb, our turkey is two to three dollars less per pound than other premium fresh turkeys.

If you follow our cooking method above, your Joe’s Farm Fresh Turkey purchase is 100 percent guaranteed to perform, or your money back. Ready to order? Click on the link below to not only reserve your Joe’s Farm Fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving, but see the wide variety of other items we have to enhance your meal. From hand selected wines all under $20, brining bags, turkey stock, turkey parts and more, you’ll find everything you need for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast!

This year, celebrate Thanksgiving with Joe’s. Call 317-846-8877 to order your turkey.