If you're not familiar with Wildtree, it is a company that offers the highest quality herbs, spices and culinary blends that are free of preservatives, additives and fillers. Wildtree is all about promoting a healthier lifestyle through delicious, easy to make meals. Besides offering an amazing line of products, Wildtree also conducts Wildtree Freezer Meal sessions where you can assemble 10 ready to cook meals for your family. So where does Joe's come in to play? We fully understand the Wildtree Freezer Meal system and know most of the menus. We will portion, cut, pound and individually wrap the proteins you need for each and every recipe so they are ready for you to use at the Wildtree Freezer Meal party! When you arrive for your pick up, everything you need is packaged and ready for you to take home or to the Wildtree event. Additionally, we offer a 10 percent discount off our retail price if you fill your entire Wildtree protein order with Joe’s Butcher Shop. It's the perfect trifecta of Joe’s customer service, Joe’s quality proteins and a great value!

But before you place your order there are a few things you need to be aware of.

1. Don't wait until the last minute – We get it, stuff happens, If you do wait until the last minute to place your order we will do our best to fill your order on time and accurately. However, we would prefer you to place your Wildtree order four days before your event. This allows us enough time to gather up exactly what you need, make the custom cuts and fabrications necessary, and package every item perfectly for your intended use.

2. Make sure you inform us of any menu changes – If  you decide you want to substitute the shrimp with chicken you'll need to let us know. We want to get your order 100 percent correct, so let us know as soon as possible if you need to make any changes to your order.

3. We will extend your 10 percent Wildtree discount to any other in-store item you purchase on the same receipt as your Wildtree order – Do you need the perfect wine to accompany your meal, an extra pound of ground beef or bacon to serve for tomorrow's breakfast? No problem! Tell us when you place your Wildtree order and we’ll have it ready at the same time!

For more information about Wildtree, click here. Don't forget to give us a call at 317-846-8877 or email us at orders@joesbutchershop.com to have Joe's Butcher Shop assemble your Wildtree Freezer Meal proteins!